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North Star Sleep Consultancy

A guiding light in the world of infant sleep.

Parenthood is full of challenges. Parenting whilst sleep-deprived can feel impossible.  I am here to help you navigate your little one’s sleep needs and guide you towards the restorative rest your family deserves.

At North Star Sleep Consultancy, I understand how tough it is when your little one isn’t sleeping because I’ve lived it myself. Through bespoke routines and my gentle sleep coaching method, you could see a difference in a matter of days.  Various levels of support are available depending on your personal needs.

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How A Sleep Consultant Can Help YOu…

My name is Elizabeth. I live on the North East coast with my wife and our son.

As a first-time parent, I stumbled across many pitfalls but sleep proved the biggest challenge. Despite extensive research online and in books, I had no idea of how to help my baby sleep. Contradictory websites and literature, and voices of family and friends soon had my head swimming.  I needed a light in the dark: a single voice to guide me in the right direction.

I didn’t know it at the time but that voice would be that of a sleep consultant.

It took me ten months to admit I needed support. Ten months of berating myself for the inability to get my child to sleep through the night. Ten months of telling myself that constant night wakings, catnapping and early rising was all part and parcel of parenthood.  Ten months of feeling that asking for help meant I’d failed.

Now I know that seeking the support of a sleep consultant was the single most positive thing I could have done for my family’s health and well-being.  Within a few nights, the life and energy was restored to our home and we’ve never looked back.

Now I guide families struggling with sleep the way we were.

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Sleep Packages

My sleep packages are designed to meet the individual needs of each family and to fulfill your sleep goals.

If you are looking for a bespoke sleep programme that is tailored to your little one, Stellar Sleep Support is for you. I recommend this package to parents who want my guidance and expertise to depend on throughout the entire process – I will be right there with you every step of the way.

For families looking to implement a personalised sleep programme themselves, I recommend A Light in the Dark. This package offers a step-by-step sleep plan for you to follow which is aligned with your sleep goals.

Are you a new or expectant parent looking for expert guidance and support in those precious early weeks? An overwhelming amount of advice around newborns can leave you feeling lost. My Newborn Navigation package is your guiding light.

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What does an Infant Sleep Consultant do?

An Infant Sleep Consultant identifies current sleep issues, structures a plan to resolve these problems and supports you through implementing the necessary changes.  A good sleep consultant can take a family from sleep-deprived, to rested and revitalized in a matter of weeks.

What sleep training method do you use?

I use a range of gentle self-settling methods to improve the sleep of your baby or toddler.  I decide on the best method to suit the sleep needs of each child. I do not believe in the Ferber method or Cry-It-Out methods, nor do I ever use them. 

Will I leave my baby to cry on their own?

I do not use any form of Controlled Crying or Cry-It-Out method.  Implementing any change with babies and toddlers will never be free of tears. My gentle self-settling methods are built around comforting your child throughout their sleep-training journey and beyond.

How quickly will I see results?

This depends on your little one’s current sleep issues and the sleep goals you set. Most often, you can expect to see improvements after 5-7 nights with consistently better sleep after 2 weeks.

Why do naps take longer to improve than nighttime sleep?

Quite simply – biology! The melatonin that helps your baby feel sleepy at night is not present during the day.  Once your little one is getting more rest at night, naps will begin to improve.

How soon can we start working together?

Upon booking, I will send you a sleep log to complete over 3-4 days.  This will be followed by a consultation.  You will then be able to begin your sleep journey right away. Use my booking link to get started today.

What guarantees do you offer?

There is never a 100% guarantee. I have the utmost confidence that my sleep training programmes and 1:1 support offer families the very best chance of success.  I strongly believe that if you are committed to following my self-settling methods and are consistent in using my approach, you will improve the sleep of your whole family.