Navigating Sleep Together
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Navigating Sleep Together

Sleep is the biggest game-changer in terms of the health and happiness of your family. When your little one isn’t sleeping well, the impact on the whole family can be huge. All of my packages are focused on the holistic wellbeing of your family unit and are designed to provide you with everything needed to teach your child the skill of self-settling in a gentle manner.


My Packages

A Light In The Dark


The package is available for children aged 5 months to 4 years and includes:

  • 1 hour video consultation
  • Analysis of you child’s sleep diary and identification of existing problems
  • Bespoke day and night time routine plus gentle sleep training programme for you to implement yourself.

During our consultation, we will spend time discussing your little one’s sleep needs and the changes you would like to make. Setting sleep goals for your family could look like “having a regular nap routine in place” or “putting my baby to sleep in their own bed”.

After talking you through the step-by-step sleep plan personally written for you and your child, you will have all you need to begin your sleep journey straight away.

Stellar Sleep Support


This is my most supportive and bespoke sleep package. It’s available for children aged 5 months to 4 years and includes:

  • 1 hour video consultation
  • Deep dive into your child’s individual day and night routine
  • Current sleep issues analysed
  • Personalised day and night time routine
  • Bespoke, gentle sleep training programme
  • Three weeks virtual support

Perfect for parents needing the comfort and reassurance of continuous guidance. We will nurture a supportive partnership right from our consultation.

After setting your sleep goals, we will talk through the staged self-settling method you will use to achieve them. This could be moving on from co-sleeping, feeding or rocking to sleep, frequent night waking or early rising.

Virtual support means that I am by your side every step of the way. Together, we will improve sleep for your whole family.

Newborn Navigation


Leading you through the early days. This is a 1 hour video call covering:

  • What newborn sleep looks like
  • How to help your baby set their body clock
  • A good bedtime routine
  • Safe sleep guidance
  • Setting up the optimal sleep space

    As a new or expectant parent, there is so much to consider and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This package is everything I wish my wife and I had when we had our son. One clear voice to guide us through those precious but hectic early weeks.

    Available from pre-birth to aged 8 weeks.